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An Easy Guide to Vegan Food Catering For Wedding

vegan food catering for wedding

Love lasts forever, even if other things do not. Several engaged couples who had planned to tie the knot in 2023 postponed their nuptials, and now, three years later, their weddings are hitting the market in flood. In other words, love is patient.

We’re eager to partake in the festivities – dining, dancing, and snagging a bouquet or garter—but we’d want to maintain a vegan food wedding catering. Many families have relatives like Aunt Jullie, who will laugh at the “rabbit food” menu, or Uncle Henry, who would take it as a personal slight if he is denied his steak at the buffet. Because of this, we consulted an authority.

Ganis has been providing vegan food catering for wedding events such as weddings and parties for quite some time. Whether they’re a Bridezilla, an aunt Jullie, or a cousin Henry,we can make everyone at the marriage happy. We have laid out everything you need, from appetisers to desserts, for a spectacular vegan nuptial.

Vegan Food Catering Ideas For Wedding By Local Caterer:

Keeping Everyone Happy:


Congratulations on your choice to have a vegan wedding! Ganis believes it’s unnecessary to publicise, especially if you have a diverse group of people around for tea. The cuisine ought to be the main attraction. Very few diners would notice their multi-course dinner of Balsamic Roasted Portobello Steaks with Sour Cream and Onion Mashed Potatoes, Red Wine Demi-Glace, Caramelized Onions, Caesar salad, creamy Baked Mostaccioli, and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables were all vegan.

They won’t be dissatisfied but rather intrigued by that fantastic mashed potato meal’s mystery. In addition, your guests will feel less weighed down by a plant-based lunch than a meal based on meat or other animal products, allowing them to move freely about the venue and enjoy themselves rather than feeling confined to their allocated seating.

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Made to order:

Cheese Filled Balls

When asked what foods tend to be offered at weddings, Ganis recommended that couples focus their selection less on what is typical and more on what makes their reception unique.

The food and drink during your wedding should reflect the two of you and your memories with each other and your families. Want to give a shout-out to mom’s legendary cheeseball for the holidays? Taco Tuesday: do you have it on your calendar? Is it necessary for your spouse to insist on vegan lobster rolls at your Maine wedding? Use it to inform your menu decisions. A good caterer will listen to what you want and use that information to design a menu that reflects your tastes as a couple.

Indispensable Tunes:

Although the newlyweds are sure to appreciate any meals tailored to their tastes, some foods are sure to be the topic of the party (and the bridesmaids taking note whenever their special day comes).

According to Ganis, you can always serve portobello steak with sour cream and onion mashed potatoes. Taste-wise, it’s reminiscent of a classic wedding main dish with unexpected plant-based ingredients. To elaborate on the mashed potato theme, visitors seem to love potatoes all year round.

Several hors d’oeuvres, a buffet, and a set meal:

The bridal party will need plenty of time to capture the right shots, so appetisers will keep visitors entertained. We like appetiser stations very much. Granted, having more alternatives may cost more, but the foodies in the group will have a blast picking out their appetisers.

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It’s finally time for dessert.

Vegan Catering Ideas For Christmas

Like a buffet, dessert stations provide diners with additional options and encourage them to mingle. On the first anniversary, Ganis suggests a dessert station with a variety of sweet foods and a little cake to display, cut, and freeze (among which, of course, can include cake in the form of cupcakes or slices).

Ganis was still fixated on cake flavours, so we coaxed a few suggestions out of them. Pink Squirrel and our other popular flavours, including strawberry basil, lemon-blueberry, mocha, and carrot cake, are all fan favourites. The treat is the bride’s grandmother’s take on the Pink Squirrel drink, made with crème de noyaux, heavy cream, and white creme de cacao.


Ganis stressed the importance of special touches and meticulous planning in making a wedding reception memorable. There has been a recent shift from giving guests obligatory wedding favours, but edible gifts that are usually well received. This master chef advocated for little spirits bottles, chocolate truffles, and bottle openers as party favours. Having a few tools like bottles and wine openers is possible. And if you want to keep it edible, a chocolate truffle or bar will please everyone. As a favour to us, we wouldn’t carry home a slice of cake. If you anticipate having extra desserts, cake-sized to-go containers, or Tupperware would be much appreciated.