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Helpful Hints for Those Seeking Gluten-Free Workplace Catering

Gluten Free Workplace Catering

Few things are more challenging than ordering lunch for yourself or your coworkers when choosing gluten-free catering. Eating out when avoiding gluten doesn’t have to be a misery. Employers and workers alike may be sure that lunch will be delicious and safe with just a little preparation. Keep reading if you’re looking for ways to bring in tasty, gluten-free food for the workplace.

Get Global Gluten-free Cooking Inspiration:

Start searching for gluten-free catering outside the usual food, like sandwiches and salads. Great gluten-free choices may be found in a wide variety of cuisines.


italian catering

According to popular belief, Italian cuisine doesn’t just consist of gluten-filled pasta and bread. Wheat-based pasta may be replaced with spiralized vegetable noodles, and classic dishes like risotto and polenta made of maize or rice are equally delicious. Also, several eateries provide gluten-free noodles.

Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines provide several naturally gluten-free recipes, such as stews, concentrating on grilled meats and vegetables served with rice and chickpeas.


Be on the watch for flour tortillas, which you may often ask to be substituted for corn tortillas in Latin American cuisines, which range from Mexican to Peruvian. Tapioca is sometimes used as a basis in South American cuisines for cheese, bread and other foods. While tapioca is naturally gluten-free, it’s a good idea to find out whether it has been combined or processed with any gluten-containing products.


Compared to other Asian cuisines, Thai food employs more fish sauce containing no wheat. A common ingredient in curries, noodle meals, and wraps in Thailand is rice.


indian catering

Choosing an item from an Indian restaurant may take more research since items from northern India, which produces most of the world’s wheat, are more likely to include sticky loaves of bread or other wheat-based ingredients. On the other hand, lentils, rice, and chickpeas are used in southern Indian cuisine.

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Stay Away From The Madness That Is Lunchtime.

Plan your lunchtime meals outside the typical lunch hour to avoid crowds. With this information, the wait staff and the kitchen can better accommodate customers with gluten allergies. Whether you decide to eat earlier or later, you can ensure everyone gets what they need by planning.

The restaurant staff appreciates your cooperation and understanding during peak lunch hours and other busy times, but ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort may be challenging. There is less chance of cross-contamination or forgetting to make a gluten-free replacement when the kitchen crew is patient from order ticket to order ticket.

Get The Menu Ready In Advance.:

Food Menu Ganis

Nowadays, it’s standard practice for eateries, including restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and carts, to publish their menus online. Get the most out of these listings by perusing the lunch menu early. Inquire of your mind things like:

Is there a separate gluten-free menu or a portion of the regular menu?

Is there information on the menu for those who need to avoid gluten or want to know their options if they have a gluten allergy?

If you’re gluten-free or worried about eating out, do any foods on the list address these issues head-on?

Make it simple to find a restaurant that will accommodate your gluten-free diet by keeping a list of gluten-free lunch menus. That will be useful the next time you want to order lunch.

Never Assume Anything is Gluten-free:

Gluten-free Catering Leicester

Gluten has a habit of sneaking into unexpected meals, from spice mixes to ice cream. Gluten may sneak its way onto your plate in various ways, some more evident than others (and all of which can make a gluten-free diner extremely unwell). Your employer and the restaurant wait for staff do not want that. Make no assumptions about whether or not an item is gluten-free or made using gluten-safe methods unless you are acquainted with the supplier.

It would help to exercise caution, but it doesn’t mean you can’t trust anybody. Although menus don’t often include ingredients and preparation methods in great detail, it’s essential to be open to communicating with waiters and management about gluten-free dietary restrictions. The employees at most restaurants are kind and helpful.

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Return and Rate Our Services:

When a restaurant like Ganis goes out of its way to accommodate a customer’s dietary restrictions, such as gluten intolerance, it’s appreciated when the customer leaves a generous tip and a positive review. An eatery’s priority should be to serve clients in a way that doesn’t compromise their health. Yet wait staff are human too, and acknowledging their efforts to provide gluten-free options professionally may make their day and encourage them to keep doing so for future clients.


Gluten-free catering can be found in a variety of cuisines, such as Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin, Thai, and Indian. Researching ingredients and planning meals outside the typical lunch hour is important to accommodate customers with gluten allergies. The most important details are to get the menu ready in advance, keep a list of gluten-free lunch menus, and be open to communicating with waiters and management about gluten-free dietary restrictions.