Wedding Reception Catering Leicester

It goes without saying that wedding catering services can be difficult. There is a limitless amount of preparation required, from locations to photographers, hairdressers, to flowers. We don’t blame you for wanting your wedding to be picture-perfect; the caterer is one of the critical elements. So how long in advance should you reserve a caterer for your wedding?

Does My Wedding Require a Caterer?

Are wedding catering services even necessary? This is likely the first question on your mind. And “Yes” is usually the response. It’s ideal to have a skilled wedding caterer assist you in preparing your meal, whether hosting a small, 50-person wedding or a lavish, 300-person event.

  • Should everything be served buffet-style or on plates?
  • Should we provide options like chicken, beef, fish, and vegetarianism?
  • Should food stations be interactive?

All of these inquiries will be answered by your caterer, who will also assist you in determining the serving manner for the reception and provide a pre-wedding tasting so you may choose your dishes.

Everything has to go off without a hitch, whether you want your food served buffet style or as a complete sit-down dinner, and that’s where the caterer comes in. A reputable wedding caterer will prepare the excellent cuisine for your special day while staying within your allocated budget and number of guests.

When should I reserve the caterer?

Wedding catering service uk

Before making any reservations, you should have a general concept of the suppliers you’ll need. You should also know when you need to make the reservations. Booking your venue and caterer first is advised since they are the two most crucial suppliers, and good communication between them is essential.

When choosing your caterer, your location is crucial. Instead of having an outside caterer and paying a high catering fee, the venue you choose could offer an in-house caterer or a list of recommended caterers that you can pick from.

Booking your wedding location and caterer at least a year in advance is advised. The sooner you can secure your date since popular places fill up rapidly! Another option, if you don’t have a location in mind, is to reserve your caterer first. An excellent caterer will collaborate with you to choose the ideal location for your wedding.

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A Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Caterer:

A skilled caterer will provide other services in addition to the actual food for your wedding. When you choose a caterer that offers full service, they will also arrange for people and other materials, like linens and serving ware. You need to prepare the logistics is substantially reduced as a result of this, which in turn lowers your stress level.

There are a few key factors to think about when picking the best caterer for your wedding:

#1 – Reviews:


Look at the caterer’s internet reviews and hear what the neighbourhood says. Google Reviews are a wonderful place to go to get started. Study the amount and the quality of the reviews; if there are any unfavourable ones, how does the caterer handle them?

#2 – Budget and Number of Guests:


Be careful to discuss with the caterer your budget and number of guests; the ideal caterer will be able to work within any constraints you may have. The caterer will be able to provide menu alternatives that are both affordable and excellent if you have a tight budget. To sample the cuisine before selecting the menu, caterers often provide a pre-wedding tasting. If you decide to book with that caterer, there is often a fee for the taste, although it is frequently subtracted from the total bill.

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#3 – Social media:

Go through the caterer’s menus on Instagram and other social media platforms. Your wedding meal should look as delicious as it is!

#4 – Meet in Person:

Arrange a face-to-face meeting with the caterer to see if they are a suitable match. Budget, menu selections, and your overarching concept should all be discussed.


Wedding planning is never wholly stress-free, but a lot of the tension may be reduced by selecting the appropriate caterer. One of the most crucial elements of wedding preparation is hiring a caterer, preferably booked at least a year in advance. The sooner you can reserve anything, the better. Contact Ganis right now to find out how we can assist you if you need a wedding caterer.