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Questions You Must Always Ask Before Reserving a Wedding Caterer

Hiring a professional caterer in the UK is one of the last steps in planning your big day after you have located your ideal wedding location. The food and drinks at your reception will greatly affect how happy your guests are and will cost you a lot of money. Remember these points as you research professional wedding caterers in the UK: Not only should the food be tasty and presented elegantly, but your ideal wedding caterer should also meet several additional criteria.

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a professional caterer in the UK before hiring them to streamline the interview process and give you peace of mind that you’ve thought of everything.

Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Caterer:

#1 – Do you have any conflicts with our wedding date?

Inquiring as to the availability of your desired wedding date should always come first. The next question Ganis suggests asking is whether or not your wedding will be the only appointment they have scheduled on that day. You can expect more individualised attention as yours is the only scheduled activity that day.

#2 – Describe your work as a wedding caterer.

Wedding catering service uk

When planning a wedding, hiring professionals who can guarantee their services is crucial. Please don’t be shy about inquiring about their background. Have they catered a lot of weddings? Has your wedding venue used them for catering before? This is a huge plus; they will know exactly what to expect from the venue’s operations. We also recommend asking for photos of entrees and plating to ensure they meet your expectations and style, as you can’t get a feel for their style from reading a menu.

#3 – What are the meal plans you provide?

Food Menu Ganis

The mood of your wedding reception may be significantly affected by the food service you choose, whether it’s a formal plated dinner, a casual buffet, a cocktail party, or simply hors d’oeuvres. Knowing whether or not a caterer can provide the kind of food service you envision is crucial.

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#4 – Do you provide every available rental option?

dining rentals options

You’ll also need all the appropriate dining rentals, of course, along with excellent cuisine. All furniture, linens, dishes, cutlery, and glasses are included. If your wedding location doesn’t supply them, find out if the caterer does or if they can help you arrange rentals as part of their service. If you can, inquire about the aesthetic of these rentals to make sure it fits in with the theme of your wedding. Ask if there is a way to upgrade if you don’t like the current offerings.

#5 – Tell me about the features of your package and any additional fees.

When choosing a wedding service provider, honesty is essential. Hidden costs or optional upgrades might throw off your wedding budget. Ensure you understand precisely what you’ll be receiving as part of their package and whether or not there will be any hidden fees on your final bill.

#6 – Do you provide samples of your food?

Wedding Reception Catering Leicester

The deciding factor is the ability to sample the wedding caterer’s food and service before committing to them. Thus the significance of menu tastings. It’s a great chance to get a feel for the serving sizes and presentation and provide constructive criticism. Make careful to inquire if there are discrepancies between the taster meal and what will be served at your reception. There might be an extra cost for menu sampling, and they can be pricey, so make sure you check beforehand. The same holds when cutting the wedding cake.

#7 – What kind of meal plans have been made for the big day?

Depending on the caterer, both off-site preparation and on-site cooking are options for wedding catering. Discussing any special water, electricity, or resource needs with the wedding caterer during the interview is essential for the latter.

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#8 – Do you have proper certifications and insurance?

The legal details of a wedding aren’t exactly high on anyone’s list of pleasurable things to do, but they must be taken care of. Find out whether the wedding caterer you’re considering has the necessary insurance and licence to serve food and drink at your location legally. Be sure they are licensed to serve alcohol if it will be part of your wedding reception.


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