halloween party catering food ideas

Are you throwing a Halloween bash in the United Kingdom? Read on for some simple suggestions for tasty Halloween party eats. These catering ideas for Halloween parties, such as eerie sausage rolls, grisly sandwich fingers, and vampire pumpkin muffins, will surely be a hit for kids and adults.

The stress is gone, whether you’re hosting a Halloween party for the kids, want to try out some new Halloween goodies, or are trying to figure out what to serve for the ideal Halloween dinner. Our collection of quick and enjoyable catering ideas for Halloween parties will help you celebrate the holiday in style.

Food Catering Ideas for Halloween Parties:

#1 – Guacamole Garnished With Crispy Ghosts:

Serve with crispy ghosts prepared from cooked tortillas or wraps and a ghost-shaped biscuit cutter for quick and easy Halloween party appetisers.

#2 – Monster Burgers:

Monster Burgers

Serve your tiny goblins some burgers on Halloween. Make the monster’s teeth out of cheese slices, the eyes out of olives, the blood out of ketchup, and the ears out of bits of carrot.

#3 – Eggs with Creepy Eyes:

Create some creepy eyeball eggs for the appetiser tray. Prepare eggs by boiling them until they are hard, then gently peel and slice off the tops. Carefully remove the egg yolks and replace them with tuna mayonnaise. To finish, add a sliced black olive.

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#4 – Sushi Ossuaries:

If you want to keep things cheap and easy, use smoked salmon instead of raw fish (you need “sushi-grade” raw fish to prepare other varieties of sushi properly). Construct nori sheets into casket covers.

#5 – The Brain Of Cauliflower:

Children find this gruesome ‘brain’ fascinating. The roasted cauliflower is stuffed with hummus prepared from watercress and served with cream cheese “finger” sandwiches.

#6 – Mummified Hot Dogs:

Mummified Hot Dogs

Wrap some cooked hot dogs in filo pastry and bake them at a medium temperature until golden brown. Make the eyeballs by squeezing two little blobs of brown sauce or barbecue sauce.

#7 – Olive-coloured Spiders:

Make creepy spiders out of olives. Make the spider heads by inserting capers into the top, and the legs by poking rosemary sprigs into the sides of the olives.

#8 – Pepper Mummies With Stuffing:

Peppers may resemble Egyptian mummies by cutting them in half, stuffing them with any filling you desire, and then wrapping them in thin strips of pastry. Make the eyes and mouth with mozzarella cheese circles and black olive caps, respectively.

#9 – Toasted Pumpkin Seeds With Salsa:

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds With Salsa

This time of year, pumpkins are plentiful in grocery stores because they are in season. Make these delicious and inexpensive pumpkin chips for your Halloween party instead of carving a pumpkin with the kids. Salsa, yoghurt, or mayonnaise make great dipping sauces.

#10 – Finger Pizzas or Witches’ Fingers:

Fingers of witches are simple to create. Get or cook pizza, then slice it very thinly. The witch’s fingernails can be made out of sliced peppers. Peppers of any colour are equally effective.

#11 – Toasties For Mummy:

Sliced bread may be grilled on one side and tomato paste smeared on the other. Wrap the mummies with cheese slices and return to the grill until the cheese becomes golden. Add sliced olives for the eyes.

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#12 – Scary Bread Fingers:

Scary Bread Fingers

Create these dead man’s fingers from bread dough. Almonds may be shaped into fingernails by simply moulding them into the desired form. Dab each finger in ketchup for additional goriness!

#13 – Brooms for Witches:

These adorable broomsticks can be made with only a bag of pretzel sticks, a package of Cheese Strings, and some chives, courtesy of One Little Project. You can build a broom from three sections of one Cheese String by chopping it into thirds, inserting a pretzel into one end, and shredding the cheese. Wrap the cheese with the chive and serve.

#14 – Sausage Ghosts:

Give sausage rolls a macabre makeover. Pricking tiny holes in the dough and inserting little bits of olive or red pepper makes for creepy but simple eyes for our sausage roll ghosts.

#15 – Hot Pumpkin Spice:

This beef and pumpkin chilli is perfect for feeding a large group.

Serve with small jacket potatoes and crème fraiche in a pumpkin or squash bowl. Ideal for celebrations of All Hallows’ Eve and Bonfire Night.


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