Vegan Wedding Catering Food Menu

One of the most crucial parts of wedding planning is deciding what will be served during the reception. Although sharing a meal is a standard method to express affection, choosing the ideal complement to your vegan wedding catering is essential. Vegan wedding catering, whether for all guests or just those with specific dietary preferences, have become more popular as eco-friendly and ethical wedding planning has become more mainstream.

Here, We look at some of the most enticing and tasty alternatives for your vegan wedding food, from canapés and appetisers to mains and desserts. To provide some ideas for your meal, we have researched various vegan-specific and general caterers offering vegan alternatives.

Vegan Wedding Catering Foods Ideas:

#1 – Canapés:

catering food meal canape

Canapés are perfect as a little snack for guests or way to welcome them as they arrive at wedding reception. These tasty morsels may be scattered throughout the room or passed around on trays, and when they begin to seem empty, they can be quickly refreshed. These canapé dishes are also perfect for use as buffet items at your wedding or reception.

Choose passed appetisers that give a vegan twist on traditional dishes like salmon blinis or small burgers or are whole new creations.

#2 – Arancini with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto and Basil:

Tomato Pesto and Basil

An Italian meal consisting of rice balls packed with cheese, covered in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried, as described by Ganis, looks just as delicious in its vegan form. This dish includes vegan mozzarella, cauliflower rice, crispy panko breadcrumbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil. We suggest presenting each meal in a ramekin with three Arancini balls.

#3 – Cups of Spinach and Artichoke:

Who doesn’t like nibbling on a piece of crisp pastry? The vegan Spinach Artichoke Cupcakes by Ganis are light as air yet bursting with flavour. Essential for any canapé spread. Other variants of these components that might be used to make cups include spicy chickpeas and bruschetta toppings.

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#4 – Vegan Sliders with Tofu and Banh Mi:

Vegan Sliders with Tofu and Banh Mi

Tofu is versatile and will likely be included in some form on your vegan wedding meal. The mix of the fresh, zesty crunch of the pickled veggies and the salty, sweet marinade of the tofu in these sliders from The Stingy Vegan is what sets them apart as a vegan Vietnamese sandwich.

#5 – Tacos With Roasted Cauliflower:

Tacos with roasted cauliflower

The Ganis has several vegetarian and vegan options, including a delicious vegan version of tacos. Your caterer will likely have creative suggestions for jazzing things up, such as using tomatillo, mango, chile salsas or spicy vegan sauces.

#6 – Honey Mustard Tofu Nuggets with a Kick:

Canapé-style, the rounded tofu cubes are coated in a crunchy coating and served on a stick with honey mustard sauce for dunking. These spicy nibbles may have several dips, from Asian-inspired sesame and soy to rich smoky BBQ.

#7 – Vegan Macaroni and Cheese:

This Savory Vegan’s “Best Vegan White Mac & Cheese” proves that a deliciously creamy and decadent mac ‘n’ cheese can be made using dairy-free alternatives. They may be made in individual clay plates for your visitors. Meat substitutes, such as bacon or chorizo, can be used as an addition if you want to spice things up a bit.

#8 – Broccoli Satay Sauce Barbecue:

Broccoli Satay Sauce Barbecue

Did you know broccoli could be this attractive? The Great British Chefs grilled broccoli with satay sauce, charred lime, smoked peanut, and coriander is hard to disagree with. This is an excellent example of elevating even a standard appetiser for your wedding menu.

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#9 – Parsley-Dipped Cauliflower Fritters:

These cauliflower fritters are an excellent substitute for tempura. This starter-size dish may give several dips, accompanying Good Food’s parsley and garlic recommendation. Just fried veggies don’t have much appeal. The sauces and dips that accompany them are what elevates them to the level of deliciousness that they deserve. Try various veggie and dip combos.

#10 – Tagine of Chickpeas:

What one does not like a tagine? It’s a comfort food staple, but only some try to prepare it. The mix of spices and fruits makes this dish so popular, especially how the chilli complements the apricots and is balanced by the aromatic coriander. The Vegan Society suggests using raisins or dates instead of dried apricots in their recipe. Ganis may recommend an alternative flavour combination, if you’re interested in tagines in general but aren’t sold on this particular dish.

#11 – Chocolate-Covered Mint Leaves:

Last but not least, If in doubt, ask Ganis. Look no further than our frozen chocolate mint leaves if you want something tiny and beautiful to round off your vegan meal. These little bites go well with coffee or whisky and may be served as canapés at parties. Easy and wonderful.


Vegan wedding catering is becoming increasingly popular as eco-friendly and ethical wedding planning has become more mainstream. It can include canapés, appetisers, and mains and desserts. Ganis cookbook offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as vegan tacos, honey mustard tofu Nuggets with a Kick, broccoli satay sauce barbecue, parsley-dipped cauliflower fritters, and tagine of chickpeas.