It’s easy to feel uninspired by a wedding meal menu you’ve seen a hundred times before at your wedding.We take it you want to put out something exceptional for your wedding food menu. We have compiled a list of some creative wedding food menu alternatives to help get your creative juices flowing. Instead of going with the tried-and-true, why not try something that speaks to who you are as a couple? We have wedding food ideas for every kind of couple, including wood-fired pizza, sushi stations, and even portable oyster buckets.

Tips for Deciding on a Wedding Meal Menu:

You may be wondering how to choose from all the possibilities. We recommend tailoring the meal selections to you and your love story. Taking inspiration from one another’s families is one of our favourite methods. Do you have a tried-and-true family recipe? Celebrate the union of your families with a meal for both of them. One more suggestion: make your wedding cuisine reflect your love story. Use references to your special lunch or the restaurant where you first went on a date. You may make your wedding meal more meaningful by including items that have special meaning to you and your partner.

The most crucial part of planning a wedding meal is making sure that everything is to your liking. If you’re craving sushi or fillet mignon, go with what you know you’ll like eating most. It’s still a unique approach to put your spin on your wedding day. Create a memorable and tasty wedding meal with the help of your caterer.

Delicious Food Menus for Your Big Day (Wedding), Chosen By Us:

Seafood Mobile Station:

You can provide your customers with an engaging participatory experience with a mobile seafood station. A bucket of oysters is a fantastic idea since it combines elegance and enjoyment in an ideal way. Your visitors may converse further while enjoying a fresh oyster (complete with sauce). If not, by the time it is at the time, it is at the time it is there.

Woodfired Pizza:

Woodfired Pizza

This one is for rustic wedding couples. Provide pizza on your wedding menu to be original. Woodfired pizza looks lovely and is a guest favourite, even though it may seem too casual for a wedding. So that your visitors may choose their favourites, provide a variety of topping choices.

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Comfy Food:

Make your comfort food classy. The taste of the meal will keep your visitors full (or craving for more!) when served with a tiny portion of tomato soup and a bite-sized grilled cheese sandwich. You may try mini-shooters of BBQ mac and cheese or mini-chicken and waffles with maple syrup as examples of comfort cuisine.

Dessert Van:

Bring a dessert truck to put your unique spin on the conventional dessert table. Although freshly scooped gelato sounds lovely, you may offer whatever sweet treat you choose. Think of churros, freshly made pastries, doughnuts, or s’mores.

Chinese Snacks:

Chinese Snacks

The traditional Chinese lunch will surely be a favourite at your wedding, whether it’s a tribute to your heritage, your passion for travel, or your unique culinary preferences. Several little meals are served during dim sum so customers can choose what they like most. Our favourite part about this choice is allowing visitors to participate by creating their dishes.


Listen up, sushi fanatics: The following wedding food plan is tailor-made for you. It’s a lot of fun to set up a sushi station and let people make their rolls. Both the number and kind of registrations may be customised to the customer’s preferences. Furthermore, it’s a healthy, refreshing option popular with the masses. If there will be any vegans or vegetarians in attendance at your wedding, it is recommended that you provide some vegetarian alternatives.

Instant Food:

Instant Food

Feel free to provide elaborate dishes at your wedding. Whether you’re doing a backyard barbecue or a formal wedding, bringing out the fast food everyone loves is a sure way to get the party started and get people in the mood to eat. The aroma alone is enough to make anyone’s mouth wet. It’s also a unique way to add a personal touch to the big day.

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Food for a Picnic:

We enjoy the notion of putting up a unique spread for your loved ones, primarily as many couples have been serving individually wrapped dinners lately owing to COVID. Please give them a meal in a basket, from starters to mains to desserts. This is a fantastic idea for couples having their wedding in a garden, park, or vineyard since it will seem like they are taking their guests on a grand picnic.

French Fries on the Go:

French Fries

French fries were a must-have for our wedding meal list! This is the gold standard of late-night snacks. The snack food is taken to a higher level when served in individual cups with a dipping sauce.


Wedding meal options, such as wood-fired pizza, sushi stations, and portable oyster buckets, should be creative and reflect the couple’s love story. Comfort food is a popular option for weddings, such as comfort cuisine, dim sum, sushi, Chinese snacks, and dessert vans. Vegetarian alternatives such as instant food and French fries are a great way to add a personal touch to a wedding meal list. If you want to discuss about wedding meal menu in Leicester, the UK then Ganis Takeaway is a right choice for catering. For more details, Call us at +44 7770 083568.