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What Should Be Served During a Funeral Reception?

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If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one in the UK and are concerned about what to offer as a memorial catering service, you have a variety of alternatives. Many people think it’s a good idea to have refreshments available for those who came to pay their respects, and that’s why it’s common practice to do so at memorial services. Certain dishes are more convenient and appetising to serve than others. Put these ideas into consideration if you’re seeking alternatives.

Funeral Reception Catering Ideas:

#1 – Cookies:


Everyone enjoys cookies; they’re cheap and easy to transport, making them an excellent choice for a memorial catering service. Cookie trays may be purchased from bakeries, stocked at the supermarket, or baked the night before. Store them in an airtight container, and they will keep indefinitely. Please keep them in the container until you can arrange them on a tray for the wake or reception. Having a wide variety of cookies available means you can find something that will appeal to everyone.

#2 – Chips:

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Chips are a go-to snack and a typical source of solace. Offering food at a funeral reception may help lift people’s spirits and encourage them to remain for the duration of the gathering. Just bring the chips in the package and some extra bowls to serve. If chips are included, customers will have more alternatives for satisfying their snacking needs. You may save the bags when you have extra chips and want to take them home.

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#3 – Dishes for Snacking:

Occasionally, guests at a funeral and reception would appreciate a plate of salty and savoury snacks. It would help if you didn’t bother cooking a whole supper for the congregation; simply have some light snacks ready for them to enjoy while the ceremony goes on. Relish trays’ convenience and aesthetic potential make them an excellent choice for savoury appetisers. These may be made at home or ordered from a caterer or the deli section of your local supermarket. Pickles, olives, and veggies are all great additions to dips.

#4 – Salads:

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You must have appropriate funeral catering menu options for customers with specific dietary needs or preferences. Including a selection of salads and vegetarian dishes in your reception meal is a beautiful idea.

#5 – Desserts:

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To close the celebration of life, sending visitors home with something delicious is kind. To round up your funeral reception ceremony with a sweet touch, we provide a broad selection of sweets, including cakes and pastries.

Meals Served at Funerals:

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  1. Finger Sandwiches: They are convenient for big gatherings since they can be prepared in advance and eaten with little effort.
  2. Cheese and crackers: Another easy, ahead-of-time-friendly choice is cheese and crackers. The fresh vegetables and dip are a crowd-pleasing, nutritious choice. Fruit is a healthy, energising option.
  3. Cake: While eating a meal together before parting ways is customary, a cake is commonly served at funeral parties.

The mood of a funeral reception should be considered while planning the funeral buffets menu. It may be inappropriate to serve lighter meals during a severe event.

The mood of a funeral reception should be considered while planning the food menu. It may be inappropriate to serve lighter meals during a severe event. Lighter alternatives may be preferable if the gathering needs to be more formal. Please don’t skimp on the food no matter what you do; sustaining everyone who shows up will be required.

Why Do Funeral Receptions Provide Food?

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Each funeral event needs food because it gives individuals who are mourning solace and sustenance. Also, by providing cuisine that your loved one likes, you can respect the life they lived with others and make this occasion stand out from most other funerals in the area.

What Kind Of Food Should I Bring To A Bereaved Family?

It is standard etiquette to provide food to the mourning family while visiting a funeral or wake. But, with everything they have going on, you may wonder what to feed them. Rule of thumb: bring something basic that can be reheated quickly. Excellent choices include casseroles, soups, and chillis. Avoid anything that needs a lot of planning since the family will likely not have the resources to cope with it. Even though you may be inclined to bring something savoury, bring something sweet. Their last request is for a comforting token of memory to help them through this difficult time.

The choices mentioned above are only examples. You might think of other dishes you like and imagine others would also enjoy. Communicate with Ganis if you’re ready to start organising a funeral. We are here to assist you in all aspects of funeral preparation.


The most important details are that cookies are an excellent choice for a memorial catering service, snacks are a go-to snack, salads are appropriate for customers with specific dietary needs, and desserts are a sweet touch. Finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, cake, casseroles, soups, and chillis are all popular choices for funeral receptions. Bring something basic that can be reheated quickly and avoid anything that needs a lot of planning.